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Buyer Representation

The buyer’s agent is the individual that represents buyers when they purchase a home. This agent negotiates with the seller’s agent (the listing agent) to come to a final price agreed upon by the buyer and seller. The buyer’s agent is paid once the deal goes through.

Seller Representation

A seller representation is a formal description of a seller’s platform in acquisition agreements that reveals facts in a program of due diligence. The purpose of a seller representation is to act as a device for obtaining disclosure about the seller and the business being sold in relation to the buyer’s interest to purchase its assets.

Investor Representation

Philly Managed Town & Country Real Estate has a passion for understanding your investment goals and providing reliable and professional representation.

With a rapidly changing market it is more important than ever to receive accurate advice when it comes to your real estate assets. Strobeck Real Estate will use our experience in a variety of markets and with a variety of property types to provide you with a market analysis regarding your real estate investment. We will analyze all features of a property and provide you with an investment recommendation

Tenant Representation

Philly Managed Town & Country Real Estate has the experience and the knowledge to assist you in evaluating your space needs. We will make recommendations that will meet your goals allowing you to focus on the larger needs of your organization. We are an advocate for your business space needs.

We can work with you from the beginning of your search to your move in to ensure a smooth transition.

Landlord Representation

Providing landlords with strategic leasing programs that enhance asset value, maximize cash flow, and decrease carrying and transaction costs. Our office can also integrate additional landlord services, such as Project Management, Property Management, Lease Administration, Valuation, and Debt and Equity Financing.

Our clients benefit from our property and location analysis, market analysis, build-to-suit planning, marketing and leasing strategy, marketing programs, and leasing negotiations. We ensure that timing, positioning, and prospects are accurately evaluated to support ownership strategy.

Property Valuation

We will provide accurate and in-depth market information to ensure that your real estate strategies, will be well informed and supported by superior market intelligence. We will also provide detailed information on real estate in the immediate market, impending growth & expansion.

Real Estate Education


Our extensive hands on experience and knowledge with a variety of properties, gives us the ability to evaluate the income and expenses of a property and to provide you with a program that will reduce your ongoing expenses and increase the value of your investment. Our Consulting Services are available to all property owners and managers and do not require a commitment for Property Management by Philly Managed Town & Country Real Estate.

Extensive Local Network

Our team has extensive experience and a passion for networking. We know how to connect all the information within our office to make them work to assist in your Real Estate Growth & Accessibilities to our Professional Network

Property Management

Our experience allows us to focus on understanding the individual investor’s real estate goals and enables us to develop a custom plan to meet those specific objectives.

We understand that you have a unique set of investment goals for your real estate assets. We will develop and implement custom management strategies that will provide you with active property management, aggressive marketing and leasing efforts, as well as tenant attraction and retention programs.

Effective property management and communication is essential to assisting you in monitoring your investment for maximum return. We know what it takes to implement cost-effective programs to improve a building’s performance and we are committed to working with you to protect and enhance the value and integrity of your property.

Philly Managed Town & Country Estate has Property Management and Lease Administration experience in office properties, retail, industrial and residential multi-unit properties. As your Property Manager and Lease Administrator, we will commit that experience to you and provide a comprehensive plan that will focus on operations and tenant attraction and retention as well as address your short term and long term investment.

  • Facility Operations/Maintenance
  • Property Accounting And Financial Reporting
  • Lease Administration
  • Property Marketing

Our objective is to compile and communicate strategic real estate information and data that is relevant to your properties operational, financial and transactional needs. The final result is greater efficiency and greater savings.


Ongoing communication is necessary for your investment success.